The Geneva architecture she produces quality articles over the last fifteen years? Yes, yes 66 times at least, say the authors of a book simply titled Architecture in Geneva next century.

And both authors in question have mastered them. Jean-Marc Lamunière - co-founder of the Institute of Theory and History of Architecture at the EPFL - had already compiled the best of Geneva built heritage in two reference works covering 80 years of history, from 1919 to 2000 .

To close the loop, the father figure of the architecture Romande - 90 years recently - turned to one of his colleagues in Geneva, Philippe Meier, teacher and author also noticed a sum on the work of Marc -Joseph Saugey in 2012.

The duo has screened all that is out of the ground in Geneva since 2000 tried to identify 66 quality achievements. Many objects that meet criteria that "fundamentally, do not have changed so much since Michelangelo said Philippe Meier. Consistency of form, material, function, light, integration and aesthetics. "

Successful buildings have in common "to illustrate a form of renaissance architectural quality in Geneva, begun in the 1990s, he said. Involving both architects trained in the schools of thought and international architects' homes, administrations, schools, museums, public facilities. No area has been ruled by the authors. Who notice and welcome such gestures in the same sober elevation downtown and highly visible new headquarters of Japan Tobacco International, in the district of Sécheron.

"This selection reflects an architectural reflection that our generation is about the city, summarizes Philippe Meier. This happens through new typologies, new materials and fine details achieved, with particular attention to the context "Not to mention a vital now provides:." The respect of the budgetary constraints. "